Our Story


July 2016

Hi! We are The Soffin Family and the creators of The IN Coast lifestyle brand. In July 2016, our friends visited from Half Moon Bay, CA. Our friends loved their time here in Northwest Indiana and on Lake Michigan so much that they wanted souvenirs to take home with our Indiana coastline on them. We thought, "Wow, friends from another state want to buy goodies with OUR state on it??" Awesome, right?! We felt proud and happy that they could see the same beauty we see. 

Time to start brainstorming...


The Indiana Coast

As our friends referred to our Lake Michigan shoreline and beaches as the "Indiana Coast," the idea came naturally. And when you think about it, we are the "IN" place...the perfectly imperfect place, a hidden gem. We are "IN"diana, we are "IN"dustrial, we are "IN" between Chicago and the great state of Michigan, and yet we were "IN"complete for not having a brand to represent our little slice of Indiana paradise! Late July 2016...The IN Coast was born. In November of 2016, we had our first batch of t-shirts and all 84 of them sold in 4 days! 

We knew we were on to something...


Love Where You Live

We believe in having pride for where we live and the trickle down effect it creates. We believe an authentic hometown brand can positively impact an area and build a sense of community. We created The IN Coast because we are proud of who we are, what we are and where we are! We are building something bigger than a brand and we are doing it together...with YOU! It's more than just a t-shirt, it's a lifestyle!

So remember this when passing through, if I-94 is a bore, take time to explore. There's so much more, right outside your car door. 

Keep sharing The IN Coast love!